Cheryl Cole: Bump or a Mystery


Cheryl Cole- Bump or a Mystery

Cheryl Cole, the ex-wife of famous footballer Ashley Cole, shows off her baby bump in L’Oréal’s brand new “The Prince’s Trust commercial” which is about helping 10,000 young people in the UK who are struggling with self-doubt. Things between Ashley and Cheryl didn’t go too well and the singer claimed that her husband cheated on her with at least three different women. This was the claim she made against him and the reason for which we have to see them apart.

Cheryl Cole: Bump or a Mystery

Cheryl Cole: Bump or a Mystery

Cheryl is now dating former One Direction member Liam Payne who is 23 years old and have been dating since 2016. The couple met each other on the sets of X Factor which is the popular singing competition in the UK but took the time to settle before they moved into the relationship.

Cheryl first stepped out with her baby bump on display in November 2016 and she posted some of the amazing pictures on the social media about the good news. It was a forward step for Cheryl as she broke with the football sensation and to start a new life with a decision to have a baby but she fought with all the difficulties came on the road and living up the life with love which she got from Liam.

Cheryl posted behind the scenes photographs on her Instagram as she finally confirmed the most anticipated news across the nation and earlier in January, Cheryl’s hairdresser Wendy posted a video of the star behind the scenes with an even bigger bump than before which was the same what Cheryl posted on her Instagram.


With the involvement of Instagram these days, the hairdresser quickly deleted the video but not before some active fans able to manage to get the screenshot of Cheryl bump and it got viral in the world. Later the same day Wendy posted another picture of Cheryl with a glowing and confident face but no details about the bump or the baby.

Cheryl had been spotted again in December visiting Kimberley Walsh to see her arrival and it was noticed that the bump was even bigger that it was earlier. There were rumours that Liam and Cheryl wanted to start a family but there were no latest pictures of the couples and have maintained a social media near-silence for the past few months.

Fans got excited as from nowhere the couple made a public appearance after few months and with a bump which is an indication of growing the family. Before dating Cheryl, One Direction former member was asked in the interview about the name of his first child and he replied with the name “Taylor” and he continued as the name is neutral for both girl and a boy.

It is believed that the first child of the couple will have the same name until Cheryl comes up with her suggestions. Having a baby is the huge step and for consideration, Liam asked about parenting advice from his former bandmate Louis Tomlinson. Louis was surprised with the questions and in the counter; Liam ducked the question which made Louis suspicious.

Well, we can all pray for the baby and congratulate the couple for the future.


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