How to clear your browser’s cache


How to clear your browser’s cache:

Browser cache is the information of the web page that you visited last time and can be loaded more quickly if you visit the same page again because some of the information has been stored on your device or computer. Many live websites keep updating the data with the cache which is already installed creates a conflict between the same URL and the difference in the data. It is always recommended to clear the cache which is stored to keep the web pages up to date. There are so many browsers available in the market and installed in all computers and smartphones.

Chrome v10+

Google chrome v10+ is the latest update from google. To clear the cache there are few simple steps.

  • Open the settings in chrome – Click on the menu option in the upper right corner of the browser. Within the slide down menu, select settings option.

An alternative method or the fastest way to reach settings in windows computer is to press Control + Shift + Delete and in Mac Shift + Command + Delete.

  • In settings option, click on the show advanced settings, which is at the bottom of the slide down menu.
  • Within show advanced settings click on privacy option and there will be an option of “clear browsing data”.
  • Once you will click on clear browsing data, uncheck on the columns accept “Cached images and files” to avoid removing all browsing history and cookies.
  • Once you will click on “Clear browsing data” and you are done.




Chrome 4.jpg

Firefox 33

Firefox is a bit different from chrome and to clear the browsing history you need to follow these steps.

  • Click on the Menu button and then from the slide down choose “options”.

At times Options icon is not available in menu options, click customize and drag options from the list. If you are using the menu bar, choose tools and then options button.

  • Firefox on Mac has a different interface and you need to choose preferences from the menu. Once you will click on menu, it will open options window and then click the privacy tab. In the history area, click the clear your recent history link.

Remember, if you don’t see that link; change the settings to remember history. In the clear recent history window that appears, set the time range to clear to everything. In the list at the bottom of the window, uncheck everything except for cache.




Safari for Mac OS X

  • Open your browser on your Mac and click the safari menu and select the Empty cache.
  • Once the Empty cache is opened click on “Empty” option and all your cache will be cleared.

Saf 1.jpg


Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11.

Clearing cache in all Internet Explorer  9, 10 and 11 are quite similar.

  • Once the browser is open, click the gear icon which is at the top right to open the settings menu.
  • In slide down menu, click on safety and then on Delete Browsing History.

The quickest way is to click on Control + Shift + Delete to open the delete browsing history window.

  • Once the window is opened, select the temporary internet files. Uncheck all other boxes to save the browsing history and to preserve the favorite website data, which will clear all the cache.
  • Click on Delete icon, which will clear all the cache and will save the password and all the history of the browsing. It will take some time for explorer to clear everything and will restart the browser.





Microsoft Edge

  • Click the Edge menu button and select settings, which will open the settings slide down menu.
  • You need to click on “Choose what to clear button”. Within this option, you need to click on “Clearing browsing data” heading.
  • Need to check whether the “Cached data and files” is clicked, else it is checked by default.
  • Within the slide down option, you will find many sub-options from which you can select many other boxes, which you can select or uncheck it.
  • Click clear option and it will clear cached data and files from the computer.

Safari on Windows

  • Once the safari is open, click on the gear icon which is on the top right corner of the browser.
  • In the slide down menu, click on Reset safari option.
  • Select remove all website data, which will be at the bottom of the menu and uncheck all the boxes as per your preference.
  • After checking the box, click on reset and the cache will be cleared.

Safari W 1.jpg




Internet Explorer 8

  • Once your browser is open, click on the tools menu which will be in the taskbar. Quick access to the window is by clicking Control + Shift + Delete, which will open delete browsing history window.
  • After clicking on tools, with a slide down menu select delete browsing history.
  • Select temporary internet files and uncheck all other boxes with your preference.
  • At the end of the page, click on delete option, this will clear all the cache files from the computer.

I8 1.jpg

I8 2.jpg

I8 4.jpg

I8 5.jpg

Internet Explorer 7

  • Open Internet explorer 7 and click on tools option.
  • With the slide down bar, select delete browsing history from the options.
  • A new pop-up window will come up and you can delete any files, as per your preference.
  • To remove the cache files, click on temporary internet files and select delete files.
  • Click on yes, and all the cache files will be deleted.

I7 1.jpg

I7 2.jpg

I7 3.jpg

I7 4.jpg

I7 5.jpg

I7 6.jpg

Firefox 30+

  • Open Firefox browser and click on the most right button on the toolbar.
  • Within the new window which will pop-up, select on the options menu.
  • Select the advanced button and click on the network icon.
  • In network option, click on clear now and select “cached web content” icon. It will clear the cache details.
  • Another way is to click on Control + Shift + Delete which open the same window.
  • In Mac press Shift + Command + Delete.
  • Make sure the Details are expanded and check the boxes you want to clear and click on the clear now option.

FF 30 1.jpg

FF 302.jpg

FF 303.jpg

FF 304.jpg

FF 305.jpg

FF 30 6.jpg

FF 307.jpg

FF 308.jpg

FF 309.jpg

Firefox 4

  • Open the browser on your computer, and click on the History menu which will be at the top right corner of the window.
  • In a drop down menu of history, click on the clear recent history or press Control + Shift + Delete, which will open the same window.
  • On Mac, click the tools menu and select clear recent history or press Shift + Command + Delete.
  • Again you have to make sure to expand the details option and click on the cache if you only want to clear cache history.
  • You can also select the history you want to clear depending on the tone range.
  • Press clear now and it will take some time for your computer and the cache will be cleared.

FF 41.jpg

FF 42.jpg

FF 43.jpg

FF 44.jpg


  • Open the browser on your computer; click the settings menu which is on the top right of the screen.
  • Within the setting option, click on delete private data.
  • Within the private data option, check the delete entire cache option and uncheck with your preference.
  • Press delete and all cache will be deleted.

Opera 1.jpg

Opera 2.jpg

Opera 3.jpg

Mozilla Sea Monkey

  • Open the browser, and click on Edit menu which will open a slide down option and select preferences icon.
  • Click on advance and from the sub-options select cache.
  • Click on clear cache button and will clear all cache details.

Sea 1.jpg


Sea 3.jpg


  • After opening the browser, click on settings option and select configure Konqueror.
  • From a list of options, select cache.
  • It will open a new window, and select clear cache.
  • It will clear the cache history.

Kon 1.jpg

Kon 2.jpg

Kon 3.jpg

Blackberry 6.0

  • Click and hold blackberry button.
  • From scroll down option, click options.
  • Click on the cache.
  • Now press clear now.
  • All password and preference will be saved, except the cache history.

BB 1.jpg

BB 2.jpg

BB 3.jpg

BB 4.jpg

Chrome V1 – V9

  • After clicking o Tools, open Options
  • You will see Hood tab. Clear the browsing history
  • Then empty the cache
  • Choose the period you want. It can be last week or even everything
  • After selecting, click on “clear browsing history”

Chrome v 1.jpg

Chrome v2.jpg

Chrome v3.jpg

Chrome v4.jpg

Chrome v5.jpg

Safari (OS X Yosemite)

  • Click on Safari and then click on Clear History and browsing data

Yose 1.jpg

Yose 2.jpg

Yose 3.jpg

Safari (iOS, iPhone, and iPad)

  • Look for the Settings option on the homepage, and then click on Safari
  • Then click on Clear Cookies and Data

IOS 1.jpg

iOS 2.jpg

iOS 3.jpg


  • You will see the browser, click on that
  • After the browser is open, click on the menu key on the phone
  • Then click on the option More
  • You will reach the page that gives you the option of Settings. Click on that
  • Clear the cache when you see the option
  • It depends on your phone whether to click on “Ok” or “Clear Cache” in order to complete the process

Android 1.jpg

ANdroid 2.jpg

Android 3.jpg

Android 4.jpg

Android 5.jpg

Get your browsing faster with these steps mentioned above.


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