Close Range Footage Of Tornadoes In Kansas


This Video Shows How Destructive Can Tornado Became. It Shows The Tornadoes Which Hit Kansas In Close Quarter

Close Range Footage Of Tornadoes In Kansas

On 22nd to 26th of May, 2016, in Ford City, Kansas, multiple tornadoes damaged home and overturned vehicles. Several people are hurt by the storms as rare dual tornadoes hit the country. The social media blew up that day as people start posting their own pictures and videos of the supercell, even getting Dodge City to trend at one point. Kansas City weather forecasted the risk of storms in the early afternoon of the first day. Just two weeks’ prior a tornado outbreak occurred two weeks’ prior in Oklahoma, producing the first EF4 tornado of the year. 

During the week, a southward jet stream dip in West of Colorado, coupled with favorable thermodynamics, warm and moist boundary layer environment, creates an extreme unstable conditions that ends up with numerous tornadoes hitting the dryline.

The most significant outbreaks affect Kansas on the 24th, with the single massive supercell cycling close to Dodge City, with a dozen tornadoes, several of which was reported rumbling on the ground simultaneously. A supercell is rotated thunderstorms, normally found in arid climates, producing tornadoes, high winds, heavy rain causing floods and the occasional downbursts that are just as damaging as tornadoes.

To a storm chaser, this is the perfect time to set off for a chance of clear footage. Dodging hail the size of baseballs, whether in armored car or safe distance, there are plenty of opportunities for tornadoes sighting that week, at least 61 confirmed formation during that week. The 5 day outbreaks produce confirmed number of 6 EF2 level tornadoes and 8 EF3 level ones, where an EF3 category tornadoes are powerful enough to uproot a tree.

Fortunately, the supercell avoids a direct path towards Dodge City. The outbreak largely affected rural areas, resulting in few injuries and zero fatalities. However, extensive damage on properties and farm equipment are reported.


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