Concept Cars: What’s Next for The Automobile Industry?


Concept Cars: What’s Next for The Automobile Industry?

Concept Cars What’s Next for The Automobile Industry Chevrolet FNR

The automotive world has the single most prominent infrastructure in today’s society. Not only are cars essential for getting us from one place to the next, they’ve become a symbol of who we are and where we stand in life.

But every year, the new models that become available are modernized, modified, and capable of doing incredible things. The next generation of vehicles continue to revolutionize transportation by combining power and performance with luxury. Though every vehicle on the road has its own automotive class-be it an SUV or truck or sedan.

Certain automotive classes are becoming increasingly popular to fit the changing structure in everyday life. The crossover, a mix between an SUV and a sedan, is becoming this generation’s family vehicle.

Major advancements in fuel technology have given us the Earth friendly electronic car, which will soon be just as affordable as the average gasoline powered vehicle.

Though each year the newest vehicles on the market are deemed more efficient and powerful than those that came before them, the concept cars is the ultimate goal in future cars.

Toyota FT-1

Concept Cars What’s Next for The Automobile Industry Toyota FT-1

The Toyota FT-1 is just an example of one of these just-out-of-reach machines. This concept car is the ultimate union of power, performance, and style. The team who designed the FT-1 took their inspiration from the size and style of a coupe and the power and performance of a sports car.

Chevrolet FNR

Concept Cars What’s Next for The Automobile Industry Chevrolet FNR (2)

The Chevrolet FNR is another example of the sleek future of cars. This unique machine is self- driven, and looks as if it came straight out of a sci-fi. With A stunning blend of glass and metal, this concept car has the inside of a spaceship and will only start if it recognizes your eye’s iris. Though no spy shots have been taken of this futuristic design, we hope to see some soon.

Audi RSQ

Concept Cars What’s Next for The Automobile Industry Audi RSQ

The Audi RSQ is another concept car brought straight from the future. With a smooth, single sheet of metal design, this sports coupe has spheres in place of conventional wheels and reverse butterfly doors.

Toyota Fun VII

Concept Cars What’s Next for The Automobile Industry Toyota Fun VII

Finally, let’s talk about the Toyota Fun VII. Like the other concept cars we’ve discussed, Toyota’s concept car is definitely what one might imagine cars to look like twenty or thirty years from now. However, instead of simply giving the car a sleek and futuristic design, the experts behind the Fun VII have found a way to combine the power of the future with the social aspect of today.

Similar to the Chevy FNR, the Fun VII can drive itself at the command of the driver, allowing the user to explore a hologram information center featuring weather reports, temperature, messages, and even the driver’s health. This social-focused concept also allows the driver to change the color of the vehicle at any time, and use pictures or locations to give the car a personality unique to its owner.

Though our first thought when looking at a car might simply be that they’re pretty great for getting around in, the next generation and the concept cars we aspire to prove just how integral a part of life these cars can be. [mashvideo]

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