Cow rescue video goes viral, Cow Literally Dances For Joy


Cow Rescue Video Goes Viral, Cow Literally Dances For Joy :

Animals have their own ways to show their emotions and love to humans. This is the story which is covered by Viral Media Crew group about a cow who was rescued from a tiny stable.

There are so many villages in every country in which cows are put in the stable and breaded for business purposes and even slaughtered for the requirement of the meat. These businesses are carried out by big names and brands which are away from normal people’s hands.

Peta is one organisation which is working for the animals against these organisations and had done a substantial work in suing these companies for the exploitation of animals for human needs.

Every year in the name of religion, rituals, fashion, and food there are a number of animals slaughtered and the profit is transferred in the pockets of these companies. A number of non-profit organisations are working in rescuing these animals and providing them with the freedom with which they were born.

This cow was also trapped in the tiny stable for the same requirement of milk, bread, and once she will be of no use, she will be slaughtered for the meat. Somebody complained about the condition of the cow and the place she was kept and asked to rescue her from the cruelty.

The rescue team reached the stable and the whole team was touched after seeing the condition of the cow. One crew member showed some love and kept his hand on the head of the cow. Cow felt the warmth of the hand and felt that it is not the hand which came to kill her but to rescue her. She replied in her own way and started jumping and jamming her head with the feeling of joy.

It was a beautiful scene which was captured on the camera and within minutes it got viral. The cow was tied up with the rope and the team unknot the rope and the cow could feel that she is free now and live up her life, as she wished for. The cow started jumping and dancing after feeling the freedom and she ran all over the place within that compound.

The destiny of the cow was not in that stable as the team came with a rescue van to carry the cow to a much safer and a lovely environment. They carried the cow in the van and transported her to a different place.

The new place is much bigger and the environment is suitable for the cow. The new space is bounded with wood but it has sufficient space for the cow to enjoy rest of her life.

As soon as the cow was on the field, she again started jumping and dancing with the new owner who was beside her ensuring security. She put her head down and it felt like a gesture of gratitude after being freed from the stable. It is not an official language but it is a language of love and freedom.


Source: ViralMediaCrew

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