The Craziest Adrenaline Junkie’s The World Has Seen


The Craziest Adrenaline Junkie’s The World Has Seen Who Have Literally Changed Extreme Sports and Re-Define Living At Edge

The Craziest Adrenaline Junkie's The World Has Seen Who Have Literally Changed Extreme Sports and Re-Define Living At Edge

Engaging in extreme sports is the way to go. However if you’re not well versed to these sports, do not bother trying and leave it to the professional adrenaline junkie’s.

Whether it’s snowboarding, skating, skiing, or surfing, there are people who put their bodies at dangerous risks in exchange for an irreplaceable moment of high. These are athletes who chose to live off to the excitements that flying and big tricks can deliver. Below are three of the craziest and most daring athletes who crave the adrenaline rush in their own way.

Tony Hawk – Skateboarding

Though currently retired from skateboarding competitions, Tony Hawk is regarded to be the best skateboarder of all time. He is the Michael Jordan or the Tiger Woods of skateboarding; he will forever be unparalleled. Not only was he excellent during his career, he was also the most consistent skater. Of the 103 skating competitions he entered, he finished first place 73 times, and in second place 19 times. What sets him apart further from the rest of the pack, though, are the crazy and almost impossible stunts that he pulls off. At the 1999 X Games, Tony managed to do the first-ever 900-degree spin, a move which propelled the X Games from a mere extreme spectacle to a mainstream sporting event. His originality and profound execution are the reasons why this 10-time X Games Gold Medalist is at the top of the list of legendary adrenaline junkie.



Shaun White – Snowboarding

Shaun White is hands-down the best adrenaline junkie and when it comes to professional snowboarding. Nobody in the history of snowboarding can fly higher than this reigning Halfpipe Olympic Gold Medalist. Further, White has also dominated the pavement, winning several medals for skateboarding in the Summer X games. He is the first and only athlete so far to take home both the Summer and Winter Trophies.



Kelly Slater – Surfing

Everybody in the surfing community knows who Kelly Slater is because nobody rips up the waves like this guy. Kelly claims that at a very young age of 6, he developed nonhuman instincts for the waves and water, which allowed him to ride the waves in perfect coordination, as well as invent creative and incomparable tricks. A nine-time World Surfing Champion, Kelly is both the youngest to win it (20 years old), and the oldest (36 years old). Talk about single handedly dominating a competition.



Dave Mirra – Freestyle BMX riding

Known as The Miracle Boy for being able to pull off impossible big games, Dave Mirra has won medals in all his renditions in his career. He also holds the record for most medals in a freestyle BMX ride with 23 big ones. He is such a pleasure to watch because he is one of the few guys who constantly invents new tricks and is able to actually pull them off without failing at the first few attempts. It’s like he was born to do tricks with a bike.


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