Crazy Bike Driving in India


Crazy Bike Driving in India

If you thought India was just the land of peace, harmony, and spiritualism, you are in for a surprise. Recently, onlookers were surprised when they saw a man sitting on the backseat of the bike that was cruising effortlessly on Indian roads. So why were they surprised? Is it not normal for a man to sit on the backseat? It is quite normal for men to sit on the backseat of the bike but not without someone riding the bike.

The person who sat on the bike took crazy bike riding in India to new levels, as he cruising on Indian roads without the rider. If you check out the video, you will find the man enjoying his ride without the rider. Was an invisible person riding the bike or was it just clever videography? No one knows the answer to this question. All we can do is enjoy the video and wonder how it is possible.


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