Crazy Goat attack people must watch what happens next


Crazy Goat attack people must watch what happens next

Goats are not exactly animals that inspire fear , but they are not always docile either . A video featuring a goat on a rampage will have people thinking twice about crossing paths with one of these animals . The video is interspersed with scenes from the famous Mountain Dew and Stride commercials where goats get up to no good . However there is nothing fake about is seen knocking a women off her feet and then landing a painful head – butt to the groin of a man that comes to her rescue . The man makes the mistake of aiming a few kicks at the goat which angers it even further . In the end the man had to use a tree for cover in order to avoid further injuries .

The goat continued to run amok and not even two people on a motorbike could intimidate it . After knocking over the motorbike the goat turned its attention to other pedestrians in the street and send them scrambling for safety , Even the person recording the video wasn’t safe from the goat and had to run cover when the goat started looking for new victim .


(Courtesy : YouTube)

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