Crazy Science Experiment You Can Do At Home


Crazy Science Experiment You Can Do At Home, Wonderful Thing Do At Home

Crazy Science Experiment You Can Do At Home

When the topic of science experimenting enters the casual conversation, we almost immediately imagine a professional laboratory where machines with colorful buttons keep beeping and the liquids in Erlenmeyer flasks keep bubbling while giving off intoxicating fumes. Keep in mind that one does need to own neither laboratory nor chemistry equipment to turn different science theories you have learned in school into practice. Here is a crazy science experiment you can do at home.

Equipment for the “Floating Balloon” Experiment

The best thing about any carnival of town fair is floating balloons. You don’t need to go to a public event to experience the joy of owning such floating prop.

All you have to do is give the “floating balloon” science experiment a try. This experiment requires the following equipment.

· Glass bottle you can easily find in your household. You can recycle a milk or orange juice glass bottle.

· Aluminum foil, which you need to shred into little pieces.

· Drain cleaner such as Mr. Muscolo.

· Balloon.

The procedure

To make your very own floating balloon, all you need to do is pour enough drain cleaner into your glass bottle, so it reaches approximately one inch from the bottom of the bottle. The next step requires aluminum foil that you have to shred into little pieces. You will need about 10 to 12 little aluminum bits. Put them in the glass bottle. When everything is set quickly place your balloon on the bottle opening so it looks like a bottle cap. Now all you have to do is wait and let the aluminum dissolve in the drain cleaner. You will notice that your balloon will start expanding until all the aluminum is gone. At the end, carefully take the balloon off of the bottle and tie it with a knot. And that is it. You now own your very own floating balloon.

� WARNING: Please be careful! The balloon is filled with hydrogen gas that is highly flammable![mashvideo]

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