Top Crosswind Storm Landing Of Boeing 747


Top Crosswind Storm Landing Of Boeing 747 Touch And Go, Near Misses

Top Crosswind Storm Landing Of Boeing 747 Touch And Go, Near Misses

The improvements in science and technology have upgraded and revamped many industries over the past few years.

One such industry which faced a momentous evolution is the Aviation and Aerospace Industry. Airways have become a common mode of transport in today’s briskly improving society which compels the need for further research in the Aviation department.

Though the research aspect is taking place on one hand, there are some factors which are out of hand and unfriendly for the pilots during flights, landings and take-offs. One of the major influences which cause the difficulty to the pilot is the crosswinds.

In Aviation terms, a crosswind is the component of the wind that is blowing across the runway. This crosswind toughens the job of the pilot thereby making landings and take-offs of the airplane a massive task and huge risk.

Impact of Crosswind:

Crosswind impacts the aerodynamics of the aircraft and will move the path of the aircraft from its original path and can be hazardous. In some cases, particularly during stormy weather conditions when the Crosswind is strong enough, it may result in major damage to the aircraft and sometimes even crash

Boeing, an American based Multinational Corporation and Airbus which is based in France are two of the leading aircraft manufacturers in the world. Commonly referred to as Queen of the Skies.

The Boeing 747 which is the brainchild of Boeing is one of the largest commercial and cargo aircraft. Some viral videos released by the Aviation authorities showed us as how difficult it is to land these aircraft’s when struck by crosswinds.

These videos have become so popular that they are listed in the top video charts in some of the Social Medias and Video sharing websites.

In some of these viral videos, the pilot mistimed the landings because of crosswinds and was forced to try and make an immediate take-off.

Though it appears as easy as it looks, the toughest role is of the pilot who must take the final decision. In most of this situation, the airplane is under the perfect control of the pilot where his vast experience has paid off and averted an aviation disaster.[mashvideo]

Source: Road Accidents

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