Deadliest Theme Park Accidents Video Will Horrify You


Deadliest Theme Park Accidents Video Will Horrify You

Warning: Don’t Watch This Video

If you get nightmares from watching scary things, you are advised to skip this video, especially if your visualize what you hear. This Youtube Video describes 10 of the deadliest theme park accidents in recent years and from decades ago.

Examples of Deadliest Accidents
Many involved rides that travel at high speeds like roller coasters so that when malfunction occurred (e.g., inadequate restraints), people were hurled out and to their deaths. One teenager climbed over two protective fences to retrieve a ball cap and apparently tried to grab the leg of a rider of a roller coaster and was killed. On the Disneyland Thunder Mountain ride, bolts loosened so a cart left the tracks, landed on another one, crushing and killing a woman, and injuring others. A Six Flags Theme Park House of Horrors that was built with highly flammable material, no sprinkler system exploded into flames one windy night incinerating 18 teenagers inside. Temperatures reached 2000 degrees.

How Safe Are You?
Such accidents certainly prompt theme park companies from doing what they can to ensure the public’s safety–the best safest design and construction, consistent and thorough maintenance, and training of the rides’ staff. However, each part involves human beings, and people make mistakes. Don’t assume that you’re safe whenever you are thrill-seeking at a theme park. After all, the victims thought they were too. Don’t be in the next deadliest theme park accident, please.


(Courtesy : Youtube)

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