Dealing With An Extra Marital Affair : Healing The Wounds


Dealing With An Extra Marital Affair : Healing The Wounds

When You’re On The Shore: 

If you are being cheated and you are dealing with such problems, you may have trouble eating, working even sleeping.  Unwanted images may come in your mind.  You keep thinking of the words that your husband/spouse told you.  You start thinking when your partner saw that other person, when they met, what they did.  You cannot think something else.  You doubt every word they say:  How much they love you, how they feel for you.  You feel like you are emotionally dead.  For a few moments you feel rage. The next moment you just want to go away from their life.  Maybe you blame yourself for everything, maybe not.  Ultimately, your trust is crushed and you may start investigating.extra marital affair

When You’re On The Boat: 

If you are the one who had the affair, you may be puzzled exactly how you had sex with somebody else. Perhaps you were high or pleased by those moments. Maybe it happened slowly and when you realized, you was too late. Maybe the person made you feel how your marriage should be. Maybe you find the affair hard to end.  Was it just the sex, and there was nothing like love? Do you think your wife/husband would just let it go without saying a word to you? Does your partner know? You don’t know what to answer, and you don’t want to spoil your married life. The children, the promises and the unforgettable past you have together.  You may be feeling totally confused.

It is very common in any relationship that any of the partners has an extra marital affair. Not because their companion lacks the feeling of love and affection or the partner is sexually inactive. In most of the cases, these things happen because of ‘Attraction’ that changes the whole scene. It can happen and is normal. You have been married for years and now you find someone so attractive that makes you forget the sad part of your life. Soon the feelings grow in your heart and finally you find yourself in an extra marital affair.

However, having the feeling of affection for someone can cause troubles. People start hiding, ignoring and telling lies. Such affairs ruin their married life completely. And, the partner starts thinking that now he/she has no value left in your life.

Sometimes people have extra-marital affair after having children. This thing badly hurts the children, as they lose all the feeling of love and respect for their parents.  The person having an extra marital affair cannot even tell their children about the condition he/she is going through.  The children whose parents get involved in such affairs go through a lot of emotional misbalance. Sometimes the parents do not spend time with their kids as they get too busy with their new partner. Such conditions increase anxiety and cruelty in the children.

If you dare to have an extra marital affair then you should have the courage to accept it in front of your partner. There is no point in hiding such things because one day it will get revealed and it will ruin your life. Be true to the partner, tell them about these strange feelings you are having for someone else. Maybe your partner can understand the situation and will come up with a right conclusion. If you are really unaware of what is going on with the things, the partner may forgive you for your deeds in order to continue the married life.

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