Death by Selfie: How Trendy Photography Can Kill


Death by Selfie : The Insider’s Guide to Death by Selfies

death by selfie

Practically anyone with a smartphone today is guilty of taking them, but as some have found out the hard way, selfies can kill. While selfies of people sitting, standing, or hanging from extreme heights and other daring situations have spread like wildfire on social media, death by selfie is a real phenomenon that has killed dozens over the past two years alone.

And while other selfie problems are gradually being discovered, such as the spread of head lice, the irrelevance of some people to their own personal safety while trying to get the most unbelievable pics up on Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat is by far the deadliest trend today.

Social media has been loaded with links to pages of “last selfies before they died” and “people who died while taking selfies.”

Of course there are a number of obvious situations in which you should never take a selfie.

In India, where death by selfie rates are said to be the highest in the world, three college students were killed while snapping a selfie dangerously close to a moving train.

The most famous instance of death by selfie in Russia is one such clear example. Two Russian soldiers took an extremely daring – and certainly crazy – selfie with a live grenade. The grenade exploded prematurely as the phone recorded the tragic moment.

Another tragic death by selfie incident occurred in Washington state when a man took a selfie while pointing a gun at his own face. The man apparently thought the gun was unloaded as he had taken similar selfies in the past after ensuring that the firearms were safe.death by selfie

According to Pricenomics, 49 selfie related deaths have occurred since 2014. And that is only based on the selfie deaths that have been reported by the media.

That number is only expected to increase as more people strive to take the most daring selfies they can. To curb the rise of this phenomenon, several countries have taken measures to prevent or discourage people from taking fatal selfies.

death by selfie

In an effort to prevent another death by selfie, the Russian interior ministry has published a pamphlet advising people to avoid taking selfies with firearms, in front of or while boarding moving trains, or while hanging off roofs and other elevated heights, in addition to other dangerous situations.

death by selfie
In Mumbai, India, authorities have designated 16 areas as no-selfie-zones. [mashvideo]

The selfie stick is also being banned at numerous tourist sites around the world. (So if you are a selfie-fanatic, you might want to check if your next destination or favorite landmark is one of those places where selfies are banned.)

While it should be a no-brainer, online publicity is never worth the risk of death. So before you take that next flick on your smartphone, ask yourself if that photo will end up being just a figure in the latest death by selfie statistics or not.

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