DEJ Farms Modern Cotton Pick


DEJ Farms Modern Cotton Pick

November, 2009 in the season of the cotton gathering and picking DEJ Georgian farms decided to upload their usage of modern cotton picking with the infamous John Deere Cotton Picker.
The video gathered a lot of viewing from likers of Agriculture due to its use of modern equipment that provides a better quality in the gathering of the cotton flower and aids better than picking it by hand.

Why is this better and greater?

DEJ farms are experienced with cotton related work to pick the best choice for them which is John Deere’s Cotton Picker heavy machine, why?
This heavy machine proved it’s worthy because it saves a lot of time, working hands and payments for employees.
It only needed the three family members Jared, Danny and Eugene to pick the whole area with only one heavy machine. Thanks to DEJ farms, their use of modern technologies might make other farms also use it in near future to increase the amount of cotton produced in Georgia.


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