Demonstration of the Best Car Parking Trick


Demonstration of the Best Car Parking Trick

There is this viral video of a man parking his car in a tiny and compact space in Jinjiang of Fujian Province in China. This video has become quite a sensation in the social media circle in China.

The now famous Chinese driver of this SUV, Mr. Chen when approached by the curious observers and passerby’s obliged to their queries by giving this live demonstration of how he achieved this incredible feat.

Demonstration of the Best Car Parking Trick

Demonstration of the Best Car Parking Trick

A passerby who was filming the demonstration by Mr. Chen said that he has never seen such a brilliant parking job in his entire life. This passerby also posted these pictures online that created the entire buzz on the social media in China about how a big SUV could be squeezed in to such a compact and small space without damaging the SUV or getting some scratch. 

Mr. Chen in his live demonstration not only showed how to park the SUV between two walls with very little space in between them but also demonstrated how he could take the car out of that parking with as much confidence and ease.

In the video you can also see a lady and her kid directing Mr. Chen with the parking in their won little way. There are many drivers who can’t even park straight even if you give them the whole parking lot free. Mr. Chen, however,, has provided a very successful example of parallel parking for many who want to learn the tricks of car parking. 

By watching this video as a driver in congested cities with very little parking space you can help yourself to learn the best car parking trick that will not only solve your problem but also save you time.

Mr. Chen is no doubt a sensation in China now and could well be on his way to becoming the champion of best car parking competition if it is ever to held.


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