Disability Is just a word and Jono Lancaster proves it right


Disability is just a word and Jono Lancaster proves it right :

Have you ever met a person with a disability?

What does the mind of that person think? Never imagined?

Well, every person feels that a disability is a huge road block but it is all in the mind. Here is a story of a person who inspired another one with the same disability.

A British man named Jono Lancaster was born with a very rare genetic disorder which is called as Treacher Collins.

In this disorder the bones and the tissues of the face are underdeveloped. In fact, it is so rare that only 1 in 50,000 people is affected by it.

He was always on the hunt for a person who had the same disorder and was still leading a normal life. But he couldn’t find one in his childhood.

Jono Lancaster meets Zackary

Jono Lancaster meets Zackary

He was later amazed to know that Zackary Walton who lived in Australia had also been born with the same disorder and was two years old. Jono was touched and wanted to meet Zackary as soon as possible. So he flew down to Australia to pay him a surprise visit.

Finally, on November 17th, he met Zackary and his family in Adelaide. He even posted a photo of him and Zackary on Facebook and captioned it by saying that he will be with Zackary for a few days and enjoy his company.

Zackary’s mother said that Jono was like a celebrity to them as he had come in wake of a situation where they could give him a ray of hope.

It is very difficult to deal with a situation that is rare and has not been seen by many. It becomes difficult as there are no case studies to go through and react in the same way.

But Jono was an inspiration who showed Zackary that life still has a lot to offer and that he could lead by example.

Jono had a great job, a life partner, and everything just as a normal human had and ever wished for. It was a great way to tell Zackary that life had lots in store for him.

All he needs to do is just spread his arms and welcome them. A truly inspirational story for all those who think life is not beautiful.


Source: shareably.net

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