Do you want an adventure outdoors?? We recommend Himalaya


Do you want an adventure outdoors?? We recommend Himalaya

How often do you think about how you are going to spend your nearest holidays and vacations or an adventure outdoors? Do you have any plans, like where you will go, what you will do? May be it is time to get away from usual rest in hotels of all-inclusive type and have a real adventure outdoors? Nature is beautiful and you may not discover all its beauty on the beaches only. I suppose, the best thing to experience beauty around is to take a road trip somewhere across mountains, Himalayas, for example.

If you really decide to take outdoor adventure travel, be ready to face difficulties and dangers. But don’t panic: risk is a typical thing when you come to exotic country with a thirst for fresh emotion. Any mountains are place not for kid games, so be careful, no matter if you are alpinist or bike rider. That is why I’d like to help with a piece of advice on how to plan a road trip and feel taste of the Himalayas with no accidents on your way and feel the real adventure outdoors.

First and the most important thing in renting a bike. It is great if you can perform this by yourself, but if no? Then you have to find a specialist. Apply for help at a bike renting agency which are usually lots of near mountain trip roads. If you are not sure about bike specialist you are dealing with, if you have doubts about his professionalism or conscience, don’t fix a deal. Spend some time, but find somebody else, find a person who looks trustworthy.

The next thing about any kind of trips is to be prepared for weather conditions. Be sure you have not just comfortable summer clothes, but something warm also. And check all your equipment. If you decided to take a long-term adventure out doors, take what you need to spend nights under the sky. Who knows, maybe you get shocked with mountain beauty so much, that will decide to make a holiday longer, resting somewhere beside mountain river.

Sometimes people are getting so excited, those completely forget about their own safeness and start to hunt a road with their bikes, willing for speed and fresh air. Yes, danger is very exciting, but! – mountain bike trails are often hazardous, you should watch the road all the time.Every time when I have a mountain trip, very often I have to make some distance by my feet, holding bike beside. These are very dangerous places on the road, which are needed to be passed through carefully. That is why I choose with all my attention walking paths near me, to have an opportunity to continue keep my way further and see more places of interest and wild nature landscapes.

Luckily, we are not going to be first mountain riders, who has to discover everything by theirselves only. There are bike trails, left by previous tourists. You can easily find the right way, following their steps. And it would be great if you buy himalayas map and consult with it on your way. It can save your time and lead you to places which you may not find by your own.

I’m not sure if there is anything in the world more exciting than mountains, than Himalayas. Nothing, made by humans, can compare with pure nature, created by some celestial power. I hope that everybody understand that surrounding is marvelous and unique creation. So, love mountains, be careful on mountain roads, spend your free time the best way you can and enjoy your adventure outdoors. Who was in Himalayas once, the one will come back.


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