Dødsing : Norwegian Sport Of Death Diving


Dødsing : The New Norwegian Sport Of Death Diving

Dødsing The New Norwegian Sport Of Death Diving

Belly flop is a new sport discovered in Norway. It is a part of swimming exercise, where people jump from a higher altitude. They may jump from a height of 10 meters high normally which can be harmful. They conduct competitions based on how many or how better they do the spins, before landing in the water.

Dødsing is a form of belly flop, but not completely belly flop. Dødsing is also jumping from higher altitude where the person has to spread out his body in air forming different shapes, likely to from a stylish shape, stretching as much as they can and stay much more time in the air before hitting the water.

The dødsing sport is said to be harmful when done from height of more then 10 metres. It is also called “The Sport of Death Diving” where your are jumping literally from a higher altitude narrowing your self from death or escaping your self from death. Hence the person who does the most dangerous act of dangerous jump is said to win prize.

Belly flop is not technically, dødsing. Belly flop hurts a bit as landing on the belly from higher altitude, but dødsing is way more dangerous. Everyone mistakes it be belly flop but its not, its different. This sport is the present sensation in Norway where people are conducting competitions, the more time you stay flat in air before entering the water that person is considered the winner. This sport was introduced in the 1960s it self. Since then Europeans are said to be conducting competitions.

Dødsing The New Norwegian Sport Of Death Diving

In order to determine the winners the judges keep in mind about the other factors like their originality in jumping style, height and power of jumping, speed and spatter produced while jumping in the water. You no need to be a good athletic, but should have jump style and guts to perform dødsing. [mashvideo]

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