Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home watch the Emotional Intelligence of Man’s Best Friend


Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home watch the Emotional Intelligence of Man’s Best Friend

The history of the bond between man and dogs date back to the time when men lived in caves while they hunted mammoths. Since the emergence of the earliest dog 40, 0000 years ago, in the time of human hunter-gatherer, human have had a contagious interaction with dogs. The bond started during the eyes age cube Europe between 19000 to 30000 years ago. That was the time when wolves, ancestors of modern dogs, were first tamed by the hunters and gatherers. From then dogs have acted as the alarm for human beings, trackers, children’s guardian and playmates.

But the bond seems to grow intimately through the years. The interaction and emotions between the two unique creatures have blossomed over the past few years and has developed to an exceptional level.Dogs have independently advanced to be more similar to people than we are to our relatives. They have developed specialized skills that enable them to read human social and communicative behavior.Modern domestic dogs have a close resemblance to the ancient wolf in all their biological and behavior aspects. They hunt together and are territorial. Also, they are emotionally bonded and greet each other after a long period of separation.

Just like humans, dogs feel lonely, abandoned and confused when they separate from their loved ones. Upon coming home, the dogs rejoice, feel happy and enjoy much being united by their loved just as seen in the reunion video of a soldier coming home and receiving a warm welcome by the dogs.The joy, happiness and anxiety of the dog as it welcome its pet soldier upon coming home after a long separation is something that triggers emotions in our hearts. It shows how nice dogs are to the human being. How loving and caring they are to people. They are not just animals but part of the human family.

The dogs and its puppies spend a couple of minutes jumping, crying with joy and hugging the soldier. It’s just amazing that the dogs don’t want to do anything rather than playing with its pet parent. It jumps back to hug him even after the soldier releases it.The dog acted exactly as an emotional support animal by providing companion, comfort, and emotional support to the soldier after coming from a war field.Indeed, dogs are an amazing friend to a human being. We are inseparable. Let us affirm the bond, accept it, love dogs and care for them by providing them with nature best food such as lamb and brown rice.[mashvideo]

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