Domesticated Bear, Strange But True


Stepan, the Domesticated Bear, This Friendly Bear Lives With Russian Family

Watching animal videos, one might not think wild animals especially a bear can’t live with humans. But this situation is changing around the world as it’s now possible to find more domesticated bears


Meanwhile in Russia, a couple by the name Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko have a Domesticated Bear. Rescued from the hunters when bear club was only three months old, Stepan as they call him, was in a very bad condition.

Rather handed to the wildlife officials they decide to adopt him and provided food and shelter to him.Weighing 300 pounds, the bear eats 25 kg of fish, vegetables and eggs everyday. This might seem quite a challenge but the couple has managed to bond with him, to the extent of cuddling on the sofa with them.

He also plays with them in the garden and also helps in watering plants. He also love to snuggle with his humans and watch TV and loves picnic.
Domesticated Bear

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