Don’t Go To Rio Carnival To See The Best Of Brazil


You Don’t Have To Go To The Rio Carnival To See The Best Of Brazil

Don't Go Rio Carnival To See The Best Of Brazil

The home of samba and the greatest footballing nation in the world, Brazil is becoming ever more desirable a destination for honeymoons and once in a lifetime holidays – not only for its beautiful beaches but more so because of its unique culture.

Brazil, the largest country in the tropics, filled with stunning coastlines, exotic rainforests, vibrant bustling cities and laid back, music-inspired way of life, has it all. And one of the first things that pops into someone’s head when they hear the word ‘Brazil’ is the Rio carnival.

The forest laden mountains and seductive white sandy beaches of Brazil’s ‘green coast’ play host to the most famous carnival in the world – a colour explosion, with feather dresses and divine cuisine, the charm of the samba party throughout the night. If you’re lucky enough to experience it, you’ll remember it for the rest of your days. But there is a lot more to Brazil than the Rio carnival.

Why not venture from mainland Brazil and explore the tranquil islands such as Ilha Grande and Ilha do Mel – perfect for a romantic break with your loved one. Or if you prefer more hustle and bustle, Brazil’s capital Brasilia is the perfect location. Renowned for its futuristic appeal, Brasilia is a joy to behold for those fascinated by modern urban architecture.

This purpose built city is an affluent, busy city, commended for its unique structure of perfectly formed street grids and crisp clean apartment blocks – a must see for those who relish in avant-garde atmospheres.

Brasilia may be the capital of Brazil’s but this beautiful country’s cultural capital is Sao Paolo. A vast metropolis, which although is not as stunning as Rio, is another of Brazil’s ‘must see’ cities. Full of history, Sao Paolo has an array of fascinating museums and art galleries, and is perfect for the night owl in you, with an endless list of vibrant bars and clubs and first rate restaurants.

A vast city with more than 17 million inhabitants, Sao Paolo is Brazil’s most culturally diverse city, making for a fusion of cuisine, culture and character from almost every continent on the planet all in one bustling city.

the best of brazil

If a slower paced getaway is more your thing, Brazil has plenty to offer also; why not take an river ride up the Amazon, or Brazil holidays are a far step from any package holiday, specialist travel agents can tailor your trip to Brazil to your very own itinerary and arrange your stay in whatever type of accommodation you desire – ranging from rustic charm to six star luxury.


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