Drawing a perfectly fried egg


Drawing a perfectly fried egg

Drawing a perfectly fried egg is a simple step-by-step learning experience that offers many artists as well as newbies a chance to improve on their painting and pencil skills. You need to have a piece of paper, probably A 4 then place it of the landscape position and simply start by making faded circle line on the middle of the page. You will later place a faded yellow color and then use another dark color on the lower side of the York to make it acquire a real life.

The next step is using a white paint which should spread on the outer of the egg York as if it’s a real egg which has just been placed on a cooking pan. After developing it, you use a pencil or a black pen to add texture on the white paint with slight shades of grey and later trace the outer white layer to make it look fresh. The next step is to use a combination of yellow and orange colors to start making the York look more visible and authentic. You add dark brown on the lower side of the York and perfect it with a blending of orange and red. You then finish by adding some more visible white paint on the upper side of the York and finish by signing out with your name on the lower right side of the page.


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