Is it possible to drive the car without arms?


Is it possible to drive the car without arms?

It is absolutely possible to drive the car without your arms, and using only your feet. Tisha UnArmed will teach you about many possibilities that will help you improve your life. Watch this video, and find out how!

In this video Tisha UnArmed demonstrates the way of driving the car without arms, and using only her feet. Her car becomes fully accessible and completely safe vehicle with a couple of special adaptations.Watch this video and find out how people with disabilities can overcome their disadvantages and take full control of their lives while participating in an everyday traffic like everyone else.Her car is improved with a left foot accelerator which gave her an opportunity to accelerate and break with her left foot, and is easy removable if anyone else is going to drive them. The turn knob gives her an option to turn the wheel, while her right foot is usually used to steer. Computer box is used for other functions like horn and turn signal.
And most important detail – this kind of drive is completely safe.


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