Drone Shows Ancient Greek Theater in All Its Glory


Drone Shows Ancient Greek Theater in All Its Glory

Drone Shows Ancient Greek Theatre in All Its Glory

The below video shows the amazing footage captured by a drone with camera of the Epidaurus Greek theater. Forget about learning the Greek alphabet or Greek letters, this theater contains enough culture for the entire world. The footage is better than what could even be portrayed in the movies.

The Ancient theater is still used today. It is the site of numerous dramatic performances and can seat up to 14,000 people. What truly makes this theater unique, however, is the fact that it was designed by Polycleitus the Younger around 4th century B.C. making it one of the world’s most historical landmarks.

The seats are arranged into 55 rows that go in a semi-circular pattern. The sonic quality of the construction is something to be amazed by. Over the years there have been suggestions that the wind carries the sound to the back role, or that the masks worn by the performers amplifies their voices. However, none of this is true.

The truth is that researchers have discovered it is the seats that provide this amazing acoustics. The researchers discovered limestone material in the seats actually produce a filtering effect. This suppresses low frequencies of voices and minimizes background noise and then reflect the high frequencies to the audience.

It was originally believed that it was the slope that helped the acoustics. Experiments using ultrasonic waves and various numerical models have showed that low frequencies were lower and high frequencies were not.

What makes this effect even more astounding is that the builders of the Greek theater did not understand what they were doing. They created the stage without knowing the principles that produces such an amazing sound for guests at the Greek Theater.

No one has ever been able to accurately recreate the design of this theater. However, this could be because seating used other materials that could have flawed the overall design.

The theater is actually named after the son of Apollo, a God in Greek Mythology. The theater is designed to use the natural landscape of Mount Harani in order to enhance the effects of the amphitheater. This Ancient theater is truly something else, and if you never believed it before; no a drone has captured its beauty to show the world all its magnificent glory.


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