How This Drunk Singer Catches The Audience Off Guard When He Started To Sing


How This Drunk Singer Catches The Audience Off Guard When He Started To Sing Poor Minnie’s Story 

Drunk Singer Catches

Drunk Singer Catches

Brothers moving is a fresh band that plays music originating from Denmark, but with modern touch due to playing in New York city’s Union Square.

The Brothers moving is four young and talented musicians who specialize in street music, well sort of, basically they move around from place to place playing in the streets and collecting buskers.

Comprising of four members, Aske who is the lead guitarist and also vocals, Esben the lead vocalist, Nils on bass and vocals and Simon plays the Cajon and vocals.

The Brothers moving, are known for their unusual, rustic and soulful music.

Many have heard about Minnie the Moocher, the original song which was sung by the King of Cotton Club, Cab Calloway.

This song was famous for its nonsensical lyrics, which was loved by the audience. There have been many renditions of this popular jazz song and Brothers moving performed their version of this popular song in New York city’s, Union Square.

With Aske’s perfect raspy voice this song was a pleasure to hear, a much more modern version of Minnie the Moocher.

The song has scat lyrics with lots of references to drugs and other addictions. No wonder people thought Aske was a drunk singer when he was singing this song.

Based on a real person named Minnie Gayton, this song tells us about poor Minnie’s life story in a hilarious manner. With perfect backup from the other members with the guitar, this street music rendition has become hugely popular with the audience.

Be it Aske’s shirtless way of dancing around like a drunk person or Nils perfect music in the background, Brothers moving has achieved in capturing successfully what many other artists have failed.

You can download the song in many sites. Brothers moving are a talented group of street musicians with a fresh, soulful and captivating music style. [mashvideo]

Source: Karylann Love

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