Ducklings Rescued From A Storm Drain By Wildlife Aid


Ducklings Rescued From A Storm Drain By Wildlife Aid Team

Ducklings Rescued From A Storm Drain By Wildlife Aid Team

September is typically known as duckling season, many calls are received by the wildlife rescue departments in this season. Same was the case here; When Wildlife Aid got a call from a member of public telling them about ducklings who have been swept away in a storm drain and separated from their mother.

The wildlife aid members Simon, Naomi, and Maru the vet rushed to the location to rescue the tiny ducklings. When they reached there, the members found that this task was not as simple as they thought.

On keen inspection of the drain the members found that it was completely soldered and was not movable, but the other side of the drain was covered by bars. When Simon saw those bars he concluded that he was unable to get his body through the bars but Maru being small- was able to pass through the bars. And it was the only option!!!

At last Maru the vet, was able to pass through the bars with the help of Simon and Naomi. She got the torch and moved further in the drain. At the end there was a large hole in which all the drainage was going.

When Maru peeked in the drain she saw five little ducklings who were perched upon different objects and were on the verge of drowning. Maru immediately went to their rescue, she took them out in pairs but the last one was a bit tricky to catch, it tried to run away but nonetheless all the ducklings were saved.

Rescued ducklings were taken to a nearby pond- to the mother duck. The mother duck was ecstatic when she got her young ones back. She immediately took the ducklings under her wings and was off to their nest.

The ducklings saved were Mallard or wild ducks which form pairs in October-November (In Northern hemisphere). They start nesting in early spring after which duckling season starts. If you find young ducklings or duck in any kind of hazardous situation instantly take them to the nearest natural water source- if not possible then contact the wildlife department. [mashvideo]

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