Durga Puja More Than Special in Bengal

List of 10 Things That Make Durga Puja More Than Special in Bengal

Durga Puja is one of the most auspicious occasions in Bengal. It is an annual festival of Hindus which is celebrated during Navratri in all over the India by worshipping the Goddess Durga. Millions of people celebrate the Druga Puja in Bengal with a great enthusiasm and dedication. Nothing can be compared with this Durga Puja Celebration where you can feel the real celebration throughout the year. If you have never visited Bengal then you must visit there for at least once so as to enjoy the most auspicious celebration of Durga Puja which continues for 5 days.

What makes Durga Puja be more special? Are you aware of the fact? No?

You must be aware of the same.

Just have a look at the 10 things that make Durga Puja more than special in Bengal-

Durga Puja More Than Special in Bengal

Durga Puja More Than Special in Bengal

  1. Numerous different food stalls are usually set up at every corner so as to serve a huge variety of mouth-watering dishes including the yummy biryani and rasgullas as well.
  2. Numerous fun games and contests of singing, acting, mimicry, dancing, shooting, and others arranged in the huge playgrounds.
  3. People mix with each other to celebrate the festival in the Puja Pandal having the beautiful decorations. The idols or Maa Durga reside in the bamboo made pandals for about 5 days.
  4. Long queues are arranged for Bhog from longer kilometers. The artisans and idol makers arrange everything for the Puja.
  5. People dance together on the rhythmic beats of dhaak.
  6. This festival is reckoned as incomplete without the traditional Dhunuchi Dance.
  7. Families including the kids and grandparents go to the pandals together to get soaked into the festive atmosphere.
  8. A number of painting competitions and other cultural activities are also arranged.
  9. People from different cultures just mingle together on this auspicious celebration.
  10. Numerous hundreds and thousands of devotees are usually seen praying to Maa Durga in the huge Pandals along with dancing on the rhythmic dhaakbaaja. One of the most emotional moments for such devotees is the Visarjan, here the devotees pray for the quickest return of Maa Durga to the next year.

Durga Puja is one of the most precious celebrations in the entire Bengal as it brings people together. People from different cultures and traditions come together and just get mingled with each other.

These are the 10 things that make the Durga Puja be more special than anything.

These points can surely explain to you why it is called the City of Joy. The entire population of Bengal welcomes Goddess Durga without considering any age, caste or class. People just get together to welcome their Goddess with a great celebration and devotion in their hearts.

What are you waiting for?

If you have never seen this auspicious celebration of Bengal then don’t wait anymore and just experience this festive occasion for at least once, it will surely win your heart and you will feel just relaxed and peaceful than ever.


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