Dynamic Curved Display With Android 5.0 Lollipop, LG G Flex2 Is Launched


Dynamic Curved Display With Android 5.0 Lollipop, LG G Flex2 Is Launched

LG is finally on its way to promote the successor of G Flex. The company’s crew was recently spotted in Las Vegas in a concert to promote LG G FLEX2. Sources say that the trending South Korean consumer electronics company has displayed the amazing posters Flex 2. The customers would be glad to know that the Flex2 will have a set of mounted controls that are generally found in LG flagship phones. The design of rocker switch and the central button are completely influenced by the G3. Reports also state that the phone will support snapdragon 800 chip.LG-G-Flex-2

It is being believed that the phone will have considerable improvement in design and creativity as compared to the old model. Customers would get a chance to experience plastic OLED screen. However, the screen will be smaller as compared to the G Flex 1. The phone will successfully retain the G Flex’s self healing rear panel. The phone body would be more bendy then that of the old model. The designers of the phone revealed in a public conference that the phone will be little smaller in size as compared to the G Flex 1. However, the customers would certainly enjoy higher screen resolution with this phone.  The phone’s display has a radius curvature of 700mm.

The phone will offer a rear 13MP of highly professional camera with an excellent LED flash. LG Flex 2 would have the special feature of optical image stabilization. Customers would also get a chance to use Laser guided auto focus system. The phone will have 16 GB and 32GB storage that is expandable by using a micro SD card. Phone would support the connectivity options like 4G LTE A, HSPA+ and Wifi802.11.

The company has designed the phone in two excellent colors. One is platinum silver and the other one is flamenco red. G Flex 2 will offer you a chance to experience and explore about the special features like ‘gesture view’ and ‘gesture shot’. The application gesture view would allow the user to know about the last shot and the app gesture shot will help you take a picture of an object 15 m away from your phone.

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