Educating Little Warriors To Prevent Child Abuse


Educating Little Warriors To Prevent Child Abuse

Protect ChildrenHowever, our knowledge of the fears of child sexual abuse doesn’t mean that we know the best way to teach our children about identifying the caution signs of sexual abuse. In fact, many people do not understand its importance while the others become very over caring and create boundaries around the child. It is really important to know the right way to educate your kids about child sexual abuse.

After reaching at the ages of adolescent, the children must be guided about sex education; this is the only way how parents can save them from being trapped of sexual abuse.  Make sure now your child knows everything about names of private body organs. In this way the children would feel free to talk about what is happening with them and the parents would be able to understand the matter.

Make sure your child is your best friend. Create a friendly atmosphere at the home so that the child would feel free to tell you if anyone is trying to abuse him/her sexually. If you offer them a free atmosphere, they will surely reveal everything what they are going through.

Even the studies have now proved that adult is not right always. Parents should always teach their children to tell them if the children don’t feel right about anyone’s abusive touch or talk.  Let the children get a chance to disclose their problems and insecurities. Most of the time it is observed that the children try to reveal their problems but parents ignore them thinking that they are doing it just to be a center of attraction. Make sure your child is not facing any of such deadly sexual abuse. Parents should have a quality time for their children, set an hour in a day to discuss about their day long activities. Try to judge their problems and insecurities. Check if your child is starving emotionally; provide him/her with a great emotional support so that they would feel free to share their problems with you.

Let your children feel that you love them unconditionally. Tell them that you will always save them from any of the worst issues. Trust them and listen to them, sometimes parents do not trust their child and ruin their life.

Three golden sentences you should tell you children and keep them away from such sexual abuse:

  • Tell the children to let you know if they do not feel right about anyone’s touch. Tell them to reveal everything what they feel wrong about. Tell them in any case, you would help them stay prevented from such persons.
  • Provide them with a lesson that grown-ups should not touch the children at their private parts and should not even talk about such things. Tell the children, if they find any such adult doing something wrong they should immediately inform it to the parents.
  • Parents should guide their children to have faith on their inner voice. As their conscience would always tell them if something is going wrong. Tell your children to reveal you about the instincts and judgements they make about some particular people in their surroundings.

Last but certainly most important; never try to blame your children if they are trapped in the case of sexual abuse. Maybe it’s your fault that has made it horrible for them.  Offer a great upbringing to your child with love and support. If your child is going through any such condition, make them believe that you will do anything to save them. Try your best to punish the ones who have tried to abuse your child. This will build a great bond of trust and loyalty between you and your child.

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