Enjoy the Wild Beauty of Emergency Water Discharges from the Dams


Enjoy the Wild Beauty of Emergency Water Discharges from a Dams

Enjoy the Wild Beauty of Emergency Water Discharges from a Dams

Enjoy the Wild Beauty of Emergency Water Discharges from a Dams

Everyone of us would have seen the flooding, tsunami, destructing waves etc., in television. The force of water bewilders and its destructive power frightens us. Thanks to science, we are able to control water flow and use it for our development up to an extent. It would be an amazing experience if you could watch the power of water flow, from a safer location. Emergency water discharge from the dams are an opportunity for people who wants watch it closely.

Why Emergency Discharge?

All the dams are made to accumulate water when it is available in abundance, to make it useful when required. When the quantity of water in the dam goes beyond its capacity, it has to be discharged to avoid damages to the dam. It would usually be scheduled by the authorities in advance and alert people in the downstream to take the precautionary steps.

Why is it very Special?

People get an option to witness the wilderness of flowing water. The controlled discharge of water from the dams giving a great view to the people is a mechanical engineering marvels. The hard hitting and flowing sound of water would change the mood of the situation. Most of the people are actually the lovers of natural wilderness, this is the reason many of them visit water falls. If you want to see a million Cusecs of water gets discharged, then watch the emergency discharges of some of the largest dams in the world.

Each Discharge is Different

Each dam is made differently from other dams. It is due to dam area, height from the sea level, specific usage of the dam, engineering specialties etc. The spillways of the dams are also different according to its purpose, design etc. Also the height of the dams matter more and water flowing down from greater heights are more scenic. So, emergency water discharge from each dam is different.

Suggestible Dam Sites for Emergency Discharge

Hoover Dam in Colorado river with its height and amount of water flows down will amaze you. The Dam on Lake Sarez, Tajikistan is surrounded by mountains and the spillway is opens to deep gorges. Nurek Dam, Tajikistan is the second tallest dam in the world and it has steep flowing spillway and water splashes and bounces due to force. Grand Dixence Dam in Switzerland gives another spectacular water discharge from its reservoir.

Vajont Dam in Italy is very special as it made across two rock mountains and its height is almost 100 meter more than its length. Mauvoisin Dam, Switzerland is another great option to visit as it stands with a single spillway of 3,800 cu. ft/s discharging capacity. Other major dams are Lago di Luzzone in Switzerland, Sayano-Shushenskaya in Russia, Deriner Dam in Turkey, Dam of El in Honduras etc.

Each dam is a wonder and it has many stories to tell. There are many dam lovers around the world and they travel to see the flow of water from the dams during emergency discharges. You can join that stream and understand the nature and its resources better. [mashvideo]

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