Emma Watson Will Be Seen As Belle Instead Of Cinderella


Emma Watson will be seen as Belle instead of Cinderella:

Emma Watson will be seen as Belle instead of Cinderella

Emma Watson Will Be Seen As Belle Instead Of Cinderella

Emma Watson the well known British Actress has confirmed the news of not doing Cinderella and will be seen in Beauty and the beast as Belle.

When contacted by the local magazine she stated that Cinderella was not that appealing to her as a role model character and she was not offered Belle before she turned down Cinderella.

Instead, she said yes to Belle as it connected to what she is in her real life when compared o the principles she follows.

Role and its shortfalls

The role of Emma Watson Belle was also a matter of concern for her as she felt some things or plots needed to be changed.

She accepted the role when the beauty and the beast by Disney makers confirmed that it will be a collaborative one. Emma Watson Movies are all showcasing her inner self and the way she is in her real life.

This makes sure she gives her best in every character she does. Emma was not fully convinced of the role until she was assured that she will have her say in the role.

Caught off guard

Emma did not know she would be offered Belle and the beast when she turned down Cinderella. She confirmed that beauty and the beast live action movie had more to do than what Cinderella had in store for her.

Emma feels that a woman should be curious and compassionate and this shows in Disney Beauty and the beast. It is perfect for a role model for women and she wishes to play similar kind of roles. She feels uncomfortable doing roles which are at odds with what she is and cannot concentrate often.

Explaining further about the role as Belle she says that Belle has always challenged the status quo of all the places she lived in and has been maintaining her integrity along with keeping a point of view which is independent.

She is not the person to be influenced by people around her and this makes her character even stronger. The director also stated that the actors are given liberty over their roles to get the best out of them and this is even true if be our guest movies.

No one expects to be rotten tomatoes in their roles and wishes to do more with every progressing scene. All this and more was shared in an interview with Emma Watson.


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