Enjoy Free Voice Calling With ‘Hike’


Enjoy Free Voice Calling With ‘Hike’

The famous Kavin Bharti Mittal, introduced a new app ‘Hike’ in the year 2012, and in the short span of 2 years it has become a big buzz in the market. They recently have introduced a new powerful and efficient addition to their app by making the video call free. Initially they have introduced this thing in around 200+ country, but according to the CEO, soon it will be available in other countries also, the work is going on. It is a noticeable fact that within a month of acquiring the app Zip Phone, they have taken this step.


On the inauguration of this facility, the CEO has mentioned two major factors which were kept in mind while developing this app:

  1. The First one is “India is a cost sensitive market and we have ensured that Hike’s service is very efficient on data. It means users can save more data when calling with hike.”
  1. Second one is “Hike’s free calling service is made available in over 200+ countries around the world. Hike users can now talk to each other any time and anywhere with calling facility.”

Hike app, in a short span of time has made a remarkable impact on the people having smart phone, now a days it is one of the most popular apps, which has resulted a 35 million users in August 2014, and still increasing. It has earned a total sum of about $86 billion from Tiger Global and BSB.

According to a recent survey, the average age of a person using this app, is 15. The unique features which hike provides are

  1. You can send a message to an offline friend also, as when he/she will come online he will see the message.
  2. You can keep your messages hidden in this app, as your messages will be protected with a password set by you only.
  3. It is the first company to introduce sending sticker while chatting, you can express your feelings by sending stickers only.

While it is a noticeable thing that this app for now is launched for android platform mobiles, and for iOS and Windows based phone, it will be released by the end of this year.

We can expect this feature i.e. voice calling from more of the competitors also as whatsapp is planning to launch this feature by the end of 2015, they are having a collaboration with skype for it.

We can conclude that while these companies are having a competition for the ease of their product user, the ultimately benefit will be of a user only, as he will be able to get a variety of options to use.

If any of our reader has already used this calling facility from hike, then feel free to share their experience in the below mentioned comment window.

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