Enjoy the world’s miracle as The Palm Island Dubai UAE is the luxurious living paradise on earth


Enjoy the world’s miracle as The Palm Island Dubai UAE is the luxurious living paradise on earth

Dubai! Is a new and unforgettable definition of “LUXURY” and it is enough to imagine “Burj Khalifa”, beaches that are spread long in kilometers, luxurious hotels, shopping malls and world class restaurants filled with people from around the world who, like to enjoy each and every lustrous day with completely magnificent lifestyle. Dubai is known for the ultimate peak of architectural skills that Heavenly created some huge and extremely fabulous men made buildings and views, on earth here. Everything that a human mind can imagine, you can get that alive in Dubai. The refulgent Dubai UAE – Mega structure Development has been created some quaint not only on earth, but in the sea as well.

Dubai should be known for the favorite, visited and luxurious Tourist Place in the world is aimed by Prince of Dubai and he started the gamble to create men made Island in the sea. Where, the Luxury would be in a unique definition for each who wants to feel paradise on earth. The Palm Island is the very first men made island on the globe that is made in Dubai with the prosperous and classy luxury from earth to water.

Uniquely in the Palm Island

The Palm Island is the very first in the finest architectural legacy in Dubai UAE – Mega structure Development that became a series of men made Islands after a successfully completed within timeline with perfection. There was no space for a single mistake or adjustment for even a single inch. This awesome island has vast diameter of 56 kilometers. It is built on 94 cubic meter “Sea Sand” that can cover the Manhattan completely from one meter deep.

Even though it is in the sea, it is amazingly safe

The palm Island has the solid 5.5 cubic meter’s rock (each is up to 6 tones in weight) wall that performs as a strong defender against waves and earthquake (technically tested and examined with the same form as the earthquake does).

Amenities are at the peak in the Palm Island

Dubai UAE – Mega structure development provided one of the richest accommodations for 120,000 people on this Island, who can enjoy two four lane bridges connectivity that is linking up entire Island wall, 220 shopping malls and restaurants and eight thousand villas to live in. One of the biggest attraction is a 36 story building is to enjoy the luxury livelihood in this Great Men Made the Palm Island.


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