Enter The World Of Fascinating Fantasy-Pandora, The World Of AVATAR Opens

Enter The World Of Fascinating Fantasy-Pandora, The World Of AVATAR Opens 

2017 will be another exciting year for those who love thrill and adventure.

Walt Disney Park and Resorts chairman have just unveiled the launching of Pandora- The world of Avatar in June, 2017.

Visually stunning and full of fantasy venue, Pandora will be set in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom by the summer of the New Year.

The visitors to the park could expect a real visual treat from this park, which is full of amazing things and surroundings.

For more details of the virtual park, you can also watch the YouTube Video: Behind the Scenes of Pandora: The World of AVATAR | Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

In the video, the two masterminds behind the park share their innovative genius and how they have planned the stunning visual and creative fantasy land. This mark has more to offer than Disney’s other parks, which has always been a combination of real, ancient and imagined or virtual one.

The Pandora which is nothing but a fictional land is full of crazy things. Basically, the idea of the park is inspired by the movie that came in 2009; Avatar. It was indeed a cinematic breakthrough and a truly engaging experience for the audience, it took them to the world of cosmic adventures.

Disney again made an effort and this time in the form of a tangible experience by bringing the Pandora to life in the Disney Park from the summer of 2017.

There is so much to look forward to; there will be seamless floating mountains and bio-luminescent plants that will take you to the new heights of adventure.

There will be two excursions for the guest, one will be the Na’vi River journey.

Enter The World Of Fascinating Fantasy-Pandora, The World Of AVATAR Opens

The journey will take visitors to a trip to the sacred river which shall be hidden beneath bio-luminescent rain forests; the visitors will meet someone who has a deep connection with the life force of Pandora.

The second shall be Avatar flight of Passage excursion that will offer a thrilling and mind-blowing experience of riding on a Banshee over the world of Pandora.

For more updates, you can regularly visit Walt Disney Blog. The opening date of Pandora will be the mid of summer 2017, so save the dates for the vacation adventure that is all set to transport you into the world of a path-breaking adventure and innovation by Disney Park and Cameron’s team.

Source: Disney Parks

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