This Indian Army Promo Is To Epic For Words


This Indian Army Promo Is To Epic For Words : A Must Watch Video

This Indian Army promo Is To Epic For Words A Must Watch Video

So how well do you recognize and understand your army? This Indian Army promo portrays the army as an organization that protects and takes care of its employees providing them with better places of work just like in organization or better. Indian Army is the biggest part of the Indian Armed Forces, and a volunteer military force. The army has been facing a problem in shortage of  officers and personnel. They rolled out an incredible touch ad campaign that is almost too epic for the words in order to find more officers.

The Indian Army promo was launched just right before the recruitment season kicks off. As the general population have no idea what the Army does even in times of peace in the country. The Indian army ad is almost too epic for words sends an alarming message about their training and their counter insurgency operations and rescue operation which they do in times of peace. They are making new pitch to get more men and women to join the army.

“ l wear my heart on my sleeve and my resume on my uniform. Which other country lets you do that?” this Indian Army promo uses the above slogan to make you realize that you can live a less ordinary life to protect your home country.


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