Ever Fancied a Car that Runs on Water?


Ever Fancied a Car that Runs on Water?

After several former attempts to invent a car that runs on water, there is finally someone who has achieved this rare feat. Any guesses who he could be and from which international research institute?

Well, neither he is a scientist nor does he represent the Research & Development wing of any auto major. He is Muhammad Raees Khan, an ordinary auto mechanic who is a resident of Sagar, a district in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

Raees has worked on his dream project day and night. In an interview with the media, he said that everyday he would work on his wonder car for fourteen to fifteen hours apart from the time he spent in his garage. Even then it took him six months to finally see his vision taking shape. In a unique formula Raees mixes water with carbides and uses this solution in cars as fuel.

With this revolutionary idea, those who are having a petrol car can reduce their fuel cost by fifty percent. It would be interesting to see how far this innovative project goes and whether Raees is able to bring about some kind of solution to the present oil crisis.


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