Ever Imagined How It Would Be If Other Planets Were In Place Of The Moon?


Ever Imagined How It Would Be If Other Planets Were In Place Of The Moon?

Have you ever gazed at the thousands of stars in the night sky and tried to figure out which ones where the planets from our solar system? Hard, isn’t it? Now, just imagine how it would be if the planets were only as far from earth as the moon is. Do you think it would be beautiful? Well, we have just tried to answer that for you in this video. We have replaced the moon with the different planets to give you an idea of how the night sky would be if the different planets were as close as the moon is.

Mercury is only as big as the moon, and hence would not look any different than the moon if it was as close as the moon is. On the other hand, Pluto is smaller than the moon. So it would look much smaller. Hence, as much as we love them, we have left them out from the visualization. Hope they are sportive and don’t take it the wrong way 😉

Mars and Venus would only look slightly bigger than the moon, with the Venus appearing larger than Mars. The red planet might also look reddish, and it would be fascinating to look up and see it so close to us.

Neptune and Uranus would be a treat to watch, especially on a clear day. Their light bluish color against a clear blue sky would be straight out an artist’s imagination, and the picture would do great as a wallpaper or screensaver. They would be quite big but we wouldn’t call them massive.

We would definitely call Jupiter and Saturn massive, and equally beautiful. From such a close distance the planets would look breathtaking. We could literally see Jupiter rotating on its own axis, and the slow movement and change in its appearance would add to its beauty. The rings of Saturn would make it a picture perfect view. We could also see the moons revolving around the planets. Simply, we could say it would be mesmerizing.

So, what do you think? Isn’t it fascinating to even imagine a scenario where the planets were this close to earth? Well, we definitely think so. But, as visually appealing as they are, we are happy that they are not this close. If they were, then we would be doomed. So, let’s play with them in our imagination and be happy that the planets are where they are in reality.[mashvideo]

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