Silly Things You Might See a Delhi Girl Do


Silly Things You Might See a Delhi Girl Do

“Every Delhi Girl In The World” is a video on YouTube in which an entertainer is trying to portray her view of every Delhi girl in the world. The video appears to be well received on this social media with amount of likes vastly surpassing the amount of dislikes.
It starts off with something like ukulele playing in a fun rhythm while the title is introduced. It then shows how not having a smartphone, an Iphone to be precise is frowned upon. This is also portrayed throughout the video as a typical Delhi girl is shown as spending majority of her time on the phone, even when accompanied by others.

Having nice, luxurious things like a purse or something from Bvlgari or other high end brands also appears as something Delhi girls value. Another thing of value to Delhi girls are the cars. The more luxurious, the better.

When talking about boys they like or to boys they like, the stereotype in the video is that Delhi girls are usually on their beds, surrounded by stuffed animals. A typical Delhi girl is also shown to be a great admirer of music. They sing along with their headphones on and they even sing while doing the chores which is kind of cute.

Closely related to music is also clubbing. This appears to be something they like to do as it has been said more than once in the video: “Let’s go clubbing”. Then of course comes the time to fill the bottomless women’s purse and that’s where the real fun starts. Beside the usual feminine stuff like a lipstick and mascara, things like a knife, gun, chainsaw and even grenade were mentioned, implying the dangers of Delhi.
To conclude, by the end of the video, the entertainer was sarcastic in her portrayal of Delhi girls as she was saying that she doesn’t like so much attention while displaying opposite action.


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