Experience Highest Heights with Jumping Stilts


Experience Highest Heights with Jumping Stilts

Have you ever known the highest height you can reach doing a jump or what stunts you can do? If you really knew,you would want to make that jump or do the stunt. Now we get to see people having fun on the streets, making unbelievable stunts and all sorts of dangerous superhuman moves without getting an injury, welcome to the world of Air – trekker jumping stilts, a world where your body is forced to experience its extremest capabilities.

We all have either seen it live or watched it live, on television or on the Internet people trying to make unbelievable stunts on shows, on the streets using jumping stilts, but they never did it like in Echases Urbaines /jumping stilts /power blocking: street freestyle & Flat 2014. We get to see accurately established moves, more speed, high risk and many more. The new jumping stilt has just arrived.

Echases urbaines /jumping stilts /power blocking:

STREET FREE STYLE & FLAT 2014 – The video contains captured extremest jumps, fastest runs and aerial spins that most of us expect to see in movies and edited videos. It is a combination of pros stilt jumpers and talented youth doing unbelievable moves. We get to see them having fun, trying heights, jump over obstacles and and even people on the streets. We see the abilities of Air – trekkers jumping stilts being manifested.

What are these jumping stilts air -trekkers?

Jumping stilts equipments specifically designed for a jump. They are characterized by ability to bounce when they hit the ground. They come in different prices and sizes designed for both adults and children. Now we have the improved version called the air – trekkers which has the highest performance capabilities as compared to the other jumping stilts.

Why not try the heights with the new jumping stilts. It makes a jumper appear super human by reaching greatest heights, increased speed, efficiency in stunts and accurate moves. If you are a stilt jumper then this is where your adventure begins.


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