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Ekranoplan The Leviathan : The Caspian Sea Monster

Ekranoplan The Leviathan The Caspian Sea Monster

Ekranoplan The Leviathan The Caspian Sea Monster

Let us take you back to the history where Ekranoplan was like a nightmare for the militarist. It was not just an ordinary ship/plane, it can fly, it can sail like ship. This giant sea monster was mainly designed as a special vehicle for the military and rescue teams.

The main person behind this plane/ship was Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeyev, a Russian who used to design high speed ships. The KM or “korabi-maket” was the largest and a giant Ekranoplan ever built. It was determined to have a optimum cruising speed of approximately 400 km per hour.

Maximum speed achieved was 640 km/h, although many sources claimed up to 750 km/h. During its testing, KM was modified many times. The KM actually crashed in 1980, because of the pilot attempting to take off the plane without giving full throttle.

Ekranoplan The Leviathan The Caspian Sea Monster

Ekranoplan The Leviathan The Caspian Sea Monster

Many attempts to recover the plane from the depths of the ocean were unsuccessful because of its vast weight. An authentic footage of this crash was recently posted on Youtube by an unknown source. But approximately two and half hours later, it was removed from Youtube.

Public suspected The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for this act. After the crash of KM, Alexeyev began to build medium sized Ekranoplan for millitary support and transportation.That ship was called A-90 “Orlyonok”. It was 150 tonne and was 58 metres long.

It took its maiden flight in 1972. However, after a short period of time, the A-90 Orlyonok crashed during testing and Soviet Union heads used this incident as an opportunity to remove Alexeyev from the post of chief designer.

After the fall of Soviet Union, the work of Alexeyev became very popular and well-known. The world gained interest in studying about his work and inventions. Now, in present, he is known as the Father of the ground effect vehicle design. Finally, we can say that Rostislav Alexeyev has given us something really unique. He has given us a ship which can fly and which can sail and has a multipurpose system. [mashvideo]

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