Extreme Helicopter Takeoff and Landing


Extreme Helicopter Takeoff and Landing, This YouTube Video complication of some epic helicopter takeoff and landing

One of the most interesting ways to travel is to fly in a helicopter. They are great for sight-seeing, short distance flights, rescue missions and above all to give you an Adrenalin rush. There are lots of ways to have fun with a helicopter, whether you are doing your skydive jumps from them or going with an experienced pilot for an extreme flight, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

Helicopter Takeoff and Landing

Engineering behind helicopters is the key to their amazing agility which is best seen at the air shows, where pilots show off what these amazing machines are capable off. To be able to do any aerobatics, helicopters have to get of the ground first. One of their biggest advantages is the ability to take off and land almost anywhere. Still, there are quite a lot of pilots who find conventional, straight up, takeoffs a bit boring, so at these airshows you can see a lot of interesting moving takeoffs, some even while going in reverse. You can also see amazing landings on moving platforms, or just partial landings, where the vehicle just touches the ground with the rear wheels and then takes off. Then again, all these maneuvers, although eye-catching, could prove lifesaving in case of bad weather, strong crosswinds or parts malfunction.

One of the best helicopters for any kind of either emergency or extreme landing and takeoff, is the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter. It’s main advantage is the fact that unlike usual helicopters, that have a smaller tail rotor, Chinook has two engines and two tandem rotors that push the air down. You can see them at airshows doing loops, heavy lifting or even crazy wheelies across runways, sometimes even stopping and doing wheelies in reverse.[mashvideo]

Helicopters are great for aerobatics as well. They can do anything that aeroplanes do, including loopings, corkscrews, low flybys, formation flying and even some stuff no plane is capable off such as flying in reverse or preforming a dance in the skies.

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