F 35, F 22, F 16, A 10, F 86 And P 51 Mustang joined Hands in Heritage Flight 2017


F 35, F 22, F 16, A 10, F 86 And P 51 Mustang joined Hands in Heritage Flight 2017:

The history was made in Davis-Monthan air force base, Arizona when planes from the history flew with modern planes for heritage flight training and certification courses.

Planes which took part in the show were A-10C Thunderbolt, P-51 Mustang, F-22 Raptor, F-16 Fighting Falcon, and TF-51 Mustang. These are the beauty of machines which were in the history to serve the nation and some of them are still the part of it.

It all begin with the formations that they have created while flying at an enormous speed which gives us the feeling of pride and the annual aerial demonstration training event has been held at Davis-Monthan since 2001. It is the tradition which has been a part of this air force base and they have continued this tradition every year by providing a chance to every aircraft which has been a part of the history and to ones who have joined this new venture. This venture allows the pilots to practice flying such dissimilar aircraft in close formation.

There were different formations in which the modern aircraft flew and took the charge in the sky and showed its command with influential movements and indication of how the technology has been changed during the course of time and later it was joined by the historical aircraft. They flew in a line in which it was led by the modern aircraft and later the historical aircraft took the command over the line. There was the time when all the aircraft flew in the sky and made the formation which shook the crowd with the stunning stunts. They all have the power and the charisma for which they being the part of the history and it gives an opportunity to young pilots who will never get another chance to put their hands on these beauties.


Source:The Joint Forces Channel

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