How to unblock blocked Facebook Ads account?


How to unblock blocked Facebook Ads account?

Violation of any the policies put in by Facebook will lead to your Ads account being blocked. This article is an informative step by step procedure of how to unblock blocked Facebook Ads account.

11891387_948551488517316_737701285_nSTEP ONE:

The Facebook team will get in touch with you. You will be requested to review the Terms of Use so that you can figure out where you violated them in your Ad. It is also worth mentioning that, at this point, any Facebook Ads have been paused. In this first step, things are quite easy, and the Facebook team will probably have your account restored. Contact them with your governmental issued I.D and confirm your account details.


You have a chance to make a successful appeal if your Facebook Ad account was blocked due to reasons related to your source of funding, credit card details or creating ads from a new location, apart from where you usually create them from. Facebook blocks accounts with such cases to protect the financial and personal information of the user. For an opportunity to reclaim back your account, you should answer truthfully to the questions asked. Some of the questions are;

1.) “Have you added or tried to add a Paypal account?”

2.) “Have you tried to add a credit card?”

Remember, be honest and polite. Do not let anger and frustration control you in any way or the way you answer their questions. You should also apologize to them for violating their rules and state that you had no intention to do so. Wait for their reply, which might take a couple of days as they review your account and answers. Good luck.


This procedure works well if the other two above do not work. The first step above might be ineffective at times when your Ad violations are more severe. For example, creating Ads for another affiliate marketing program. Now this is where it begins to get hard. The Facebook team will let you know that your account was flagged due to fraudulent activities. You will also be notified that the decision to block your account is final. So what should you do if this is the case?

It is highly recommended you look into the possibilities of a new Facebook Ads account. You probably have an old Facebook account, or your friend has one that he might not be using. Make use of it now!

Take note of the type of Ads that got you suspended the first time and try not to repeat them. You should also wait for some time probably one to two weeks before creating any ad on using this new Facebook account.

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