Facebook Instant Articles Good Or Bad ?


Want to increase your traffic and shares? Try using Facebook Instant Articles

How many times do you check Facebook throughout the day?

Publishers are seeing the value of connecting with their audience through social media as it’s a great way of earning exposure and driving more views. With people constantly on the go, mobile use has grown incredibly, and publishers have to constantly make sure they’re connecting with people through their mobile devices, whether that’s through optimizing their websites or sharing content on social media. To help with this, Facebook launched Instant Articles.

But what are instant Articles?

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Facebook Instant Articles is an initiative launched by founder Mark Zuckerberg that allows people to load their news articles directly within Facebook instead of on their websites. This makes for a much better user experience, from articles loading faster (10x faster than standard mobile articles) to looking much cleaner, as they’re fully optimized.

The majority of people don’t like leaving a website they’re on – it breaks their flow – and the majority of users won’t bother to click on a link if it’ll lead them elsewhere on the internet. This is why Instant Articles has proved popular with publishers – it allows their users to view great content without disrupting the immersive experience.

Increased shareability:

The whole purpose of Facebook is to create and share content and updates. Consider the amount of times you’ve shared an article on Facebook that you’ve viewed on another website. The truth is, most share buttons on websites are un-intuitive and time consuming to use. Compare that to how easy it is to share a post on Facebook.

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It’s a simple case of clicking the share button and choosing whether or not to add a comment. It’s quick, it’s easy, and that’s why it works. In fact, the user’s only difficulty is choosing what articles to share on Facebook. With Instant Articles fully implemented to work with the social network, news articles are easier to distribute than ever.

How it can benefit you?

If you’re a blogger or you work for a news media website, you’ll know that your success is dependent on the number of people you can reach out to.

The more shares you earn, the more authority and exposure you’ll have. And what users ultimately want is the latest news to be available right on their news feed, allowing them to read articles as easily as they can scroll through articles or complete a level of Candy Crush Saga. To maximize your outreach, you need to be everywhere your audience are and make all your content as accessible as possible.

What’s the industry saying?

As with any new platform, there are going to be publishers who benefit more than others, but the general consensus is good. Buzzfeed, one of the web’s top content sharing platforms, have found that Instant Articles allows them to constantly be in front of their audience and make their content accessible not only on Facebook but other social networks, such as Twitter and Snapchat. However, they have found some limitations. Sponsored content doesn’t really work for Instant Articles, and publishers should be aware of Facebook’s Branded Content policy too.

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Other limitations involve certain formats not being supported, but publishers have generally found that an Instant Article circulates much more quickly on Facebook than a “normal” article, such as one published on their website. Media and news site Vox have also found that Instant Articles has boosted unique traffic to their website by giving them more visibility and building brand awareness.

What we must remember is that Instant Articles is still relatively new, having been rolled out only 10 months ago. Limitations on file formats may well change as the technology develops, and as websites make more content available on Instant Articles, they should see an increase in shares. One finding has been consistent: Facebook Instant Articles are lightning fast.

How you can use Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook makes it incredibly easy to set up Instant Articles. Using the Instant Article wizard, you simply need to sign up using your existing Facebook account and submit your sample articles. Once approved, you can start publishing by adding a simple code template to your articles.

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Not only that, Facebook lets you monetize your content using ads and track article traffic to analyse the impact Facebook Instant Articles has on your number of shares.

Implementing WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and website development tools on the web. With the WordPress Facebook Instant Articles plugin, it’s easy for you to connect to your Facebook page and publish your articles, all from within WordPress. This takes away the hassle of having to upload your content to multiple places and ensures your content is fully optimized for mobile devices. Simply install the plugin, and you’re ready to go.

Facebook Instant Articles is a great solution to ensure that your content is not only optimized for mobile, but that it looks beautiful too. Fully interactive and immersive, stories and news articles are loaded instantly to provide the best user experience to your audience and maximize the number of shares you’ll receive. With 70% of users less likely to abandon an Instant Article and the approval of leading news aggregators such as Buzzfeed, Vox and Gawker, it really is a worthwhile tactic to implement if social strategy plays a big part in your marketing efforts.

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