Tips to choosing the right fashion accessories for you


Tips to choosing the right fashion accessories for you

Every woman enjoys buying fashionable accessories. Accessories jazz up your look. If you have the right accessories, people cannot resist praising you. Accessories will completely transform your look as it pulls the colors and texture together. Accessories are suitable for both, professional and casual wardrobe. Your task is just to develop a little sense of style.  Here you will get helpful tips on choosing the perfect accessories that will enhance your look perfectly. Keep these tips in mind while choosing the accessories for you.

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If you are wearing blue jeans and wishing to transform your look into an elegant casual, then you should try dazzling silver earrings and necklace with it.  If you are wearing the black-red or black-blue combination, go for sparkling diamonds in ears. They will look fabulous. You can also wear formal tennis bracelet with your black dresses. These accessories will make you look sexier in black outfits.

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Many people love to wear pearl accessories as these accessories make a perfect combination if you wear them with light colored dresses. You can also try pearls in evening or day events. They will give you different and gorgeous look in the evenings. Saree is something that is always appreciated by women. If you are wearing a bright silk saree, then you can match golden accessories with it. Gold will undoubtedly boost your look.

Girls with round shaped face, should choose heavy jewelries. Heavy jewelry looks amazing on such people. If you have fair complexion, then you should choose golden and diamond jewelries. Women with fair complexion always have the win-win condition when it comes to fashion. The women with dark skin tone should go for real gold jewelry and they can also choose diamonds. Diamonds will surely make you glow. If you are wearing skirts or gown, you can also try silver or black metal bangles. Glass bangles look beautiful with saree, suit, lehenga and almost every traditional dress that women wear.


Girls know that no outfit looks complete without a perfect matching handbag. Handbags enhance the look of your overall personality. If you are working women, then you should go for a spacious leather handbag (black, red or brown). A leather handbag will give you perfect professional look. If you are choosing a handbag for any event, then you can have a bag embellished with gems and stones. For the evening or day events, you can hold a black leather clutch in your hand. Leather clutch looks great with all the casual wears and light colored dresses. You should always choose the handbag according to your body structure. Women look beautiful with the bags that hit their mid torso, as it looks best at their waist.

With the daywears, women should choose a small handbag with lots of inner pockets. If you are planning a trip, then you should choose a large and trendy bag matching with all your outfits.


Scarves transform the ordinary look into fashionable one. While choosing the scarf, you should be in love with designs. The scarf should be long enough to cover your face. The design should even work for you when your scarf is knotted. If you wish to have a cool look, then you can beautifully role your scarf on your wrist. Really, it looks pretty.

If you wish a semi casual look, then you can loosely tie the scarf around your neck. A scarf with light colored sweater will also give you casual look. You can tie a paisley printed, dark colored scarf with the business suit. This will enhance your professional look. While driving, women should always wrap a scarf around the hairs. The Scarf looks beautiful and protects the hair from dust.


Belts highlight one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body, so it should be perfect. While choosing the right belt, you must keep in mind that simplicity is equal to versatility. If you are young then you must always go on the royal colors of belt such as blue, black or red. These solid colors will highlight your waist more beautifully. The elder women should wear black or brown belts. If you are a woman with straight waist, then you can wear a belted cardigan. This will make you look pretty. If you are wearing a stylish pantsuit, then you should wear metallic colored belt. This will make your outfit look sexy. You must always choose the accessories according to your body shape and complexion. The perfect accessories can give your look a fashionable lift while the mismatched one can spoil your mood and looks also.

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