Father Attacks His Daughter Killer in Court


Van Terry lunged towards Michael Madison convicted sex offender and serial killer in a fit of rage and helplessness as the devastated father saw the smirking and grinning face of his daughter killer

Michael Madison, a notorious convicted sex offender and killer was sentenced to death on Thursday in East Cleveland, Ohio. Madison had been convicted for the death and rape of three women, 18-year-old Shirellda Terry, 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley and 38-year-old Angela Deskins. These gruesome murders were carried out by Michael Madison who showed no figment of remorse as he was seen grinning and smiling in the final court hearing when the verdict was being determined. These murders had left the city of Cleveland in a state of shock as the bodies of these innocent victims were found mutilated and dumped in garbage bags.

Judge Nancy Mcdonnell was the presiding over the final hearing here on Thursday. It was during the victim-impact statement that was being read by the father of Madison’s final victim, Van Terry, that an altercation took place. As the devastated father was struggling to read out loud the gory details and torture that was inflicted upon his daughter, he came across the smirking and grinning face of the killer. It was at this moment that Van Terry lunged towards Michael Madison in a fit of rage and helplessness. Shouts and screams could be heard in the courtroom as the family of the victims tried preventing the father from doing so.[mashvideo]

The office of the Cuyahoga County will sit to review the incident of the altercation and decide whether there is a need to charge Van Terry with a crime.

The judge gave the final verdict regarding the case and sentenced Michael Madison to death. This was the first sentencing to death by Judge Nancy Mcdonnell who has been part of the bench since 1995. She claimed that the crimes committed by Mr Madison were inhuman and horrifying, with him being described as the utter personification of evil. She claimed that he must be dealt with seriously and be punished with no remorse so that potential killers and sex offenders know the grave consequences that they can face if convicted. The defendants had brought to light an abusive and troubled childhood of Michael Madison in attempts to mitigate and lessen the sentence but to no avail.

The sentencing of convicts to the death row has been a controversial debate in America for quite a few decades as many of its allied European countries discourage this act and threaten sanctions on an increased number of death penalty convictions. Drug companies in America have even stopped manufacturing the lethal drugs that are needed to carry these lethal punishments out. Executions are currently halted as Ohio Department of Corrections struggles to find the means to carry out these death penalties.

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