How To Find An Online Service To Backup Your Data


How To Find An Online Service To Backup Your Data

People sometimes lack trust over the online backup facilities. However; today we are here to reveal everything about the valuable online backup programs, in order to make you feel easy to use them. You will be amazed to find that the online backup services work similarly to that of the traditional backup programs. When you use the online backup service, your precious data gets transmitted over the web and securely stored on the server.

We are listing below about some trustworthy and renowned online backup services. Explore about these rocking cloud service providers, and store your data securely.

Backblaze: Backblaze is considered to be the most viral online backup provider. Many people prefer to store their valuable data at this cloud, as it is trustworthy and efficient as well. If you are using Backblaze, there lefts nothing to worry about the file limits.  This means you will even be able to store the 100 GB virtual machine file. You will get it at considerable prize, as it is designed in order to help each section of the society. You will be stunned to read about its pricing, Backblaze costs $5 per month, isn’t it really cheap? You here you get a sparkling chance to use the least expensive unlimited backup plan.

Crashplan: Crashplan is another highly viral online backup service provider.  People prefer this as it provides them with highly valuable cost effective plans and excellent software that is easy to be operated. It is an automatic online backup that offers you a chance to experience excellent interface. Crashplan would amaze you with its efficient features that include web-based restore option and continuous backup program. At very less amount you get a highly valuable service with unlimited amount of storage. Crashplan costs $5.99 per month. The most effective feature of Crashplan is that it will allow you to save unlimited online storage for upto 10 computers that too under a same account.

Carbonite: It is a highly exceptional backup service, which is reliable and easy to be used. Carbonite is an automatic online backup provider that will surly offer you best experience. Its basic online backup service costs around $59 per year. Carbonite too will provide you with unlimited data storage plan.  It also offers few tiers packs known as personal plus and personal prime. Carbonite can also help you with business-class cloud backup plans at considerable amount. It is the only cloud provider that has mobile service apps for android systems and iphones.

SOS Online Backup: It is believed to be the leading player in online backup service markets around the globe. SOS provides the user with unlimited storage plans and even unlimited versioning and external drive support. Users would be really lucky to experience such valuable services at considerable cost. Users will get such amazing online backup service at $7.99 per year.

This was short guide in order to help you find the best online, you will find the most suitable one to store your precious data.

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