Fly me to the trap – This is what a fly’s death in Electric Bug Zapper in slow motion


Fly me to the trap – This is what a fly’s death in Electric Bug Zapper in slow motion

The Slow Mo Guys have done it again, this time in a highly disturbing video. Is it right to torture something for the pleasure of making a Youtube video? Upon close inspection of the video, you can clearly see that this electrified plastic field of wires quickly bursts limb from limb of the poor fly until the whole thing explodes and everyone laughs, but is this a laughing matter or something that should be taken seriously? That’s a question that definitely needs to be answered. Youtube’s quality control is poor and their terms of service should not allow the torturing of any kind. Historical documents are one thing but to film torture for the sake of torture is another thing and it’s highly problematic because more and more content of this type are coming out at an alarming rate.

Hopefully someone at Youtube will review this video either ask or forcefully remove this content because it should not be allowed to surface on a website where kids frequent. Youtubers like Slow Mo Guys and others need to be aware that their content can adversely affect a lot of people, even harm them in the long term by posting graphic content. The fact that this video doesn’t even have a content advisory warning says something about Youtube, that it doesn’t care if videos like this harm their viewers or not.

It’s not uncommon to watch people pit pet against pet or wild animal, or insect against another, often voiced over in a comical way to gain viewership. Viewership of content like this is quite high and that is another alarming thing about the community. Youtube has obviously become a place where the majority of their videos and viewers engage in highly sadistic manners. There needs to be restrictions in place on Youtube, whether it’s a content advisory you must click off of or rather removal of sadistic content.[mashvideo]

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