Fly to a friends house on a new Hoverbike


Fly to a friends house on a new Hoverbike

Have you ever heard of Hoverbike? This fun new revolutionary concept for single user air travel is the future of air travel. The innovative design is a cross between a helicopter and motorcycle. Hoverbike fly like a helicopter while the users mount it like a motorcycle. The quad copter design makes the Hoverbike stable enough to balance the user and easy enough that anyone can use it. Hoverbikes are easy to transport, with the ability to fold to one third of its size makes it very transportable.

The developers of the Hoverbike want to keep cost low, so that everyone can afford it, once it hit the market. The developers need your help to continue to develop the Hoverbike. Without funds we could really miss out a unique opportunity to see an invention as revolutionary as the Wright Brothers invention. This could mean safe, fun, and innovative air travel for everyone.


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