The Flying Fortress makes Maiden Flight Watch amazing rare footage


The Flying Fortress makes Maiden Flight Watch amazing rare footage

The “flying fortress,” embarks on its maiden flight. The crew arrives early to assemble the 19 ft. RC plane. Once everything is in place, the pilot, Peter Pfeffer (aka Peda), fuels it up to prepare for takeoff.

The crowd holds their breath while he starts the throttle. Because this is such a large plane, there is not enough runway space for the plane to fully taxi down the lane. To remedy this, the pilot and crew member work together to hold the plane in place until just the right moment during the acceleration. At this point, the crew member lets go of the plane.

The crew and audience watch as the plane speeds right to the end of the runway. In the last moment it effortlessly lifts into the air. The crowd erupts in cheers. The takeoff has gone off without a hitch.

After a few moments, the plane circles back toward the crowd, giving them a closer look at it’s sleek design. Again, the crowd cheers as the aluminum overcast beast flies overhead. Taking 3 years to complete, this plane was built to perfection. With a wingspan of 19 ft and a length of 14 ft, it is an impressively large RC plane. It is exciting to see in the air. It is a little less than 1/5th the size of an actual B-17 bomber.

As the plane continues to fly, the pilot makes small adjustments to keep it within sight of the crowd. He points the plane back to the runway to prepare for landing. The in flight adjustments place the plane right into position as it approaches the runway. The crowd waits. The plane touches down flawlessly and taxis to the end.

The pilot is able to let out a sigh of relief, knowing that the plane was balanced and trimmed properly, allowing for a safe flight. To celebrate, the crew opens up a pack of beer. They each take a turn to christen the plan with a quick drink of it’s own to revel in the triumph.


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